Rehab Care

We are pleased to announce the addition of Chiropractic services and rehabilitation care at Crossfit Bell.
Sessions can be reserved for Tuesday evenings from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Sign up sheet will at the front desk.
***Rates for both joint health and typical CrossFit programming can be discussed in person.

The base of any sound health and fitness practice is always nutrition. However, most of us fuel our vehicles better than our bodies. Both food quality and quantity play a roll in how we perform in and out of the gym. As CrossFitters, the majority of us eat quality foods but are lacking in the quantity. This leaves something to be desired in both performance and aesthetics. Through accountability, macro-nutrient prescriptions, and quantitative tracking, nutrition coaching will have you looking good, feeling great, and crushing your workouts.

A personalized macro-nutrient prescription
Digital weekly check-ins and real-time macro adjustments
Less than 24 hour response time to messages
Access to software that tracks progress pictures, measurements, and weight (FitBot)

Price: $200 recurring billed monthly. Three-month minimum commitment.

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Dr. Michael Vanchieri
While pursuing a collegiate baseball career and a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Mike discovered a love of health and fitness. While coaching thousands of CrossFit classes and pursuing a national weightlifting career, Dr. Mike graduated chiropractic school in 2017 with extensive biomechanical and nutritional training. He has treated, programmed, and coached nutrition for CrossFitters from weekend warriors to Games athletes. He believes in challenging the norms of health, fitness and wellness, and that humans deserve to perform their needs and wants pain free.