CrossFit Open 19.3 Recap

CrossFit Open 19.2 Recap
March 15, 2019
Saturday, March 16 2019
March 15, 2019

Workout 19.3

For time:
200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

50-lb. dumbbell, 24-in. box 
Time cap: 10 minutes

New Year, New Movement

Number of Rx Athletes



19.3 delivered another CrossFit Open first with the announcement of the strict handstand pushup. The scaled division didn’t get it any easier, the movement was the same but athletes were allowed to prop a plate and abmat under their heads. The short time cap ensured most athletes would struggle to finish the handstand pushups and earn a chance to once again perform a handstand walk in the CrossFit Open. The high skilled movements didn’t scare our athletes, in fact we saw an uptick in the amount of athletes performing the workout as perscribed.


Number of Rx athletes

Our top scores this week came from Lee who performed 136 reps (46 handstand pushups) and Jess who completed 133 reps (43 handstand pushups).



Atleast 1 HSPU



Atleast 1 HSPU

Top Score


Rx Men

Top Score


Rx Women


The CrossFit Open is beginning to weigh on athletes. As happens each and every year, the workouts in the open become progressively more high skilled and challenging and we start to see athletes drop off. We offer ample opportunities for athletes to tackle the workouts yet they are nowhere to be found. Although, some athletes have valid excuses, the vast majority are avoiding the workouts because of the movements. Let’s hope the Team Captains can ratchet down the participation and get everyone back in for the last 2 weeks. 82% of Team Black performed the workout this week. 77% of Team Grey performed the workout.


Team Black


Team Grey


Team Grey… all day. Despite Team Black captain hanging full dong in a black jump suit, they couldn’t entice the spirit vote away from Team Grey. Moose knuckles aside, Team Black made a valiant effort and brought a tremendous amount of spirit, but it fell short. I didn’t think anyone could top the juice boxes from week 2, but week 3 brought a full-blown birthday party theme from Team Grey. Cake, spiked punch, candy, balloon hats and pinatas… this week was an easy choice. Go Team Grey!


Fitness Challenge 3 had our teams performing partner pushups for reps. With an obscure scoring system that required partnering and the fact that most people hate pushups, it wasn’t a surprise that performances were lower this week.

It was close this week, Team Grey performed 3,700 pushups but it was Team Black that won with a total of 3,929.


Team Black


Team Grey


Team Grey won the podium division for 2 weeks in a row, but this week they lost out to Team Black who edged them out 12-10. Team Grey needs to focus on retaking the scaled and masters divisions and maintaining their stronghold on the Rx Men’s side if they want a shot at winning the Open and taking down Team Black.


Rx Men
1- Lee (B)
2- Victor (B)
3- Zach (G)

Scale Men
1- Brian D (G)

Rx Master Men
1- Tony (G)
2- Colin (B)
3- Nick (B)

Scale Master Men
1- Mike L (G)
2- Sandeep (G)
3- Will I (B)


Rx Women
1- Lauren (B)
2- Emily (B)
3- Ashley (G)

Scale Women
1- Kat (G)
2- Kelly (B)
3- Kaitlin (B)

Rx Master Women
1- Jess (B)
2- Gabby (G)
3- Jackie (G)

Scale Master Women
1- Danielle (B)
2- Alise (G)
3- Ciara (G)

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots

And The Winner Is…

Despite Team Blacks complete and utter lack of spirit since week 1, they managed to pull out another victory by taking the fitness challenge for the third week in a row and closing the gap in the podium division. Team black took week 3 with a score of 21 – 16 and is beginning to run away with this. Can Team Grey fix their participation in week 4 and claim the fitness challenge? They need a strong performance in 19.4 if they stand a chance at a come back.

Week 1 Winner


Team Black

Overall After 3 Weeks….

Total Points


Team Black

Total Points


Team Grey

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