CrossFit 18.5 Recap

Chest to bar pullups during the CrossFit Games Open 18.5 at CrossFit Bell
CrossFit 3-29-18
March 28, 2018
deadlifts during the CrossFit Games Open 18.4 at CrossFit Bell
Bell Aim 3-30-18 OCR Track Workout
March 29, 2018
Chest to bar pullups during the CrossFit Games Open 18.5 at CrossFit Bell

With the drop of the final barbell, the Open is over.

Team CrossFit Bell

2469th Place

In the World

Every year since 2011, the CrossFit Open has finished with a thruster workout, and although this year Dave Castro let the community decide, once again it ended with thrusters. 18.5 was a simple couplet that left us all with that, oh so familiar “Fran Lung”.  Did you leave it all out on the floor during week 5? As you’ll see from the upcoming stats, one team managed to sprint to the finish with their best weekly performance to date.

Much like every year, we are often faced with advanced gymnastics skills and heavier than normal weights in the workouts that challenge everyone from the most seasoned CrossFit Bell athlete to the novice competing in their first Open. Were you frustrated by a skill that you’ve struggled with for months? Now is that time to set meaningful goals, to inquire about skill sessions, to avoid cherry picking workouts that have movements you are weak at, to use your Open Gym times wisely, and to stop scaling and start struggling. The open has revealed your weaknesses and now you have an entire year to work on them. Time and time again I see athletes run away from movements they suck at instead of facing them head on. Practice, practice, practice, and next year you’ll have the mindset of “I’m ready for the Open” instead of worrying about what Dave Castro will announce next.

This week marked a surprising amount of Rx participation. From a coaching stand point, I couldn’t be more proud of the number of athletes that tackled this workout Rx, especially those who achieved their very first chest to bar pullup. With that being said, the number of Rx participants had a negative effect on podium placements. 4 podium points were left up for grabs because of the lack of scaled athletes.  On the men’s side we went from 67% Rx performances to 93%, and on the women’s side we saw an increase of Rx participation from 50% to 75%.


Number of Male Athletes Who Went Rx


Number of Female Athletes Who Went Rx

bar muscle-up during the CrossFit Games Open 18.3 at CrossFit Bell

CrossFit Open Winners – OPEN DIVISION


Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – J.P. (5 points)
2nd – Ant (17 points)
3rd – Andrew (31 points)


Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Lauren (7 points)
2nd – Marissa (18 points)
3rd – Laura (20 points)

CrossFit Open Winners – MASTERS DIVISION 35+


Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Tony 40-44 (8 points)
2nd – Colin 35-39 (18 points)
3rdNick & Jon V 35-39 (26 points)


Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Jackie 35-39 (6 points)
2nd – Iulia 35-39 (18 points)
3rdAutumn 35-39 (23 points)

CrossFit Open Winners – MASTERS DIVISION 35-39


Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35-39)
1st – Colin (11 points)
2nd – Nick (16 points)
3rdJon V (17 points)


Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35-39)
1st – Jackie (6 points)
2nd – Iulia  (15 points)
3rdAutumn (18 points)

CrossFit Open Winners – MASTERS DIVISION 40-44


Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 40-44)
1st – Tony (6 points)
2nd – Ivan (17 points)
3rdTommy (18 points)


Rx Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 40-44)
1st – Coleen & Shannon (9 points)
2nd – Lisa V  (18 points)

CrossFit Open Winners – MASTERS DIVISION 45-49


Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 45-49)
1st – Frank Y (7 points)
2nd – Anderson (11 points)


Rx Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 45-49)
1st – Carolyn (6 points)

Chest To Bar Pullup


Athletes Who Got atleast 1

Chest to bar pullups during the CrossFit Games Open 18.5 at CrossFit Bell


Team Black came out swinging in week 5, recovering from a weak 18point4 performance. They managed to rally the troops and increase their participation from 73% (week 4) to 86% (week 5). Team Grey on the other hand had another drop-off this week, ending with their weakest participation to date of 80%.


Team Black


Team Grey


Feeling scorned and defeated after week 3 and 4’s spirit attempt was thwarted by Team Grey, team black rallied the troops with a pep talk, a post Friday Night Lights decorating party, and noble effort to get as many teammates participating as possible. Not to take away from the efforts of Team Grey who also brought tremendous amounts of spirit during the final week, Team Black just had a little more pizzazz. Overall, it was fairly even in the spirit category. After the week 1 spirit award tie, each team managed to land themselves 2 spirit point victories over the 5 week competition. Historically we see the spirit points weighing much heavier over the course of a competition and even being the driving force behind the success of the winning team. This year however the spirit points ended up being a wash, with both teams winning 2 weeks and tying one. Despite that, the spirit point category once again made for an overall exciting and fun CrossFit Open experience.




Neither team performed markedly better than the next in this weeks Podium category. Team black took more overall spots, but the deciding factor was not a lack of performance by Team Grey but an increase of Rx participation that caused them to lose valuable scaled podium positions. Team Grey was unable to capitalize on their majority masters female athletes and 4 podium spot points were left unclaimed this week.

Team Black


Podium Spots

Team Grey


Podium Spots



Rx Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Andrew (Team Black)
2nd – Hai (Team Black)
3rd – Danny (Team Grey)

Rx Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st – Tony (Team Grey)
2nd – Colin (Team Black)
3rd – Nick R (Team Black)

Scaled Men’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Max (Team Black)
2nd – Haneef (Team Grey)
3rd – Na

Scaled Men’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Will I (Team Black)
2nd – NA
3rd – NA


Rx Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Lauren (Team Black)
2nd – Marissa (Team Grey)
3rd – Emily (Team Black)

Rx Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)

1st –  Jackie (Team Grey)
2nd – Lisa (Team Black)
3rd – Iulia (Team Grey)

Scaled Women’s Podium (OPEN DIVISION)
1st – Mollie (Team Grey)
2nd – Jess (Team Black)
3rd – Allyson & Alex (Team Black/ Team Grey)

Scaled Women’s Podium (MASTERS DIVISION 35+)
1st – Carolyn (Team Grey)
2nd – Julie (Team Grey)
3rd – NA



Week 5 Winner


Team Black


Team Black



Team Grey



Team Black wins the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Bell

More importantly though, we, as a unit, as a family, and as a community, have once again tackled the CrossFit Open. Each year we get stronger, each year we add more amazing individuals to our community and each year we get to reap the rewards of our hard work and our fitness. We suffered together and we succeeded together. After all, we are one team, team CrossFit Bell.  #BellFam

-Coach Ant Lucic

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