4 Week Beach Body Cycle

Sunday, June 2 2019
June 1, 2019
Wednesday, June 5 2019
June 2, 2019

4 Week BEACH BODY Cycle begins 6/3/19

Beach season is here and it’s time for a cram session.  This 4 week cycle is sure to make you sweat and prep for bikini season. Check out some notable changes for this next cycle.

 – Sunday Open Gym Returns 6/16
There will be a programmed Running workout you can do at the gym or park. You can also simply come hit a workout you missed from earlier in the week. Open Gym is from 10-Noon on Sunday.
– Strong Class expanded to M/T/Wed/Fri at 430pm, evening strong will be replaced by a CrossFit Class M/T/Wed 830. The Strong WOD will be published on the CrossFit page, this will allow athletes to see all the workouts in 1 place.
– Saturday 9AM & Sundays are “Bring a Friend” day.
Bring a friend for FREE! Spread the word about how awesome CrossFit Bell is. Reminder: Refer a friend and if they sign up you’ll earn $50 off your next months membership. 

– M-T-W-F 430pm will be STRONG Class.
– Thursday 430 will remain CrossFit Endurance Class
– There will no longer be an evening STRONG class, however Mon/Tues/Wed 830pm class will still be on the schedule and will remain a CrossFit Class. Thursday/Friday there is no 830pm class.
– Sunday Open Gym 10-Noon starting 6/16
– Reminder: There is no 830pm class on Thursdays and Fridays.

Sunday 6/9 – Join us from 10-Noon for SAVAGE XII hosted by Coach Tommy.

Kilo Culture Barbell Club Returns
Starting 6/10 our Powerlifting/Oly lifting club will return. Join Coach Lauren as she leads a group of our strongest athletes towards a summer powerlifting meet (Date TBA). 
Membership into the club will give access to the new expanded lifting area which is in the works. Membership will be a billed Bi-Annual ($120) and is required to lift with the powerlifting/oly area, and gives you access to 3 specialty classes a week. Classes will meet Mon/Wed/Fri at 730pm.