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Workout in Review – Open WOD 16.4

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Workout in Review - Open WOD 16.1

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13 Minute AMRAP
55 Deadlift
55 Wallballs
55 Calorie Row
55 Handstand Pushup

Men 225# / 20# to 10′ target
Women 155# / 14# to 9′ target


13 Minute AMRAP
55 Deadlift
55 Wallballs
55 Calorie Row
55 Hand Release Pushup

Men 135# / 20# to 9′ target
Women 95# / 10# to 9′ target

Workout in Review
Open WOD 16.4
Coach Ant Lucic

This week brings us a good ol’ fashion CrossFit Chipper. The name of the game will be good pacing, small manageable reps and a good understanding of your work capacity. Athletes need to take a look at themselves and determine how many reps is a reasonable amount to string together without breaking the bank. A good strategy will have to take into account each movement. For a strong deadlifter approaching with a rep scheme of 20-15-10-10 may work, but this doesn’t mean this will be the smartest approach for your wallballs. Know yourself, and focus on small manageable sets.

Don’t worry about movements further down the line, focus on the task at hand and get through it with as much efficiency as possible.

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Are You Prepared?

These are all common movements from our Open Prep Cycle. You shouldn’t be a stranger to any one of the elements in 16.4.

Number of Repititions Completed

  • Deadlifts
  • Wallballs
  • Calories Rowed
  • Handstand Pushups


Wear a belt, save your midline and break these up into small managable sets. The first rep is the hardest, so once the bar is off the ground do your best to put a good set together.

Don’t put your back in a bad position for the purposes of scoring a little higher on a workout. You should never compromise your back on a deadlift in a met-con. The combination of excessive volume, fast movement and a rounded back is a recipe for disaster.

WOD’s that contained Deadlift Elements in our Prep Cycle

% of WODs with Deadlifts

Total Deadlifts Completed

Deadlifts (in Metcons) 310Reps
Deadlifts (Strength) 45Reps

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You’re no stranger to the wallball, this is a movement that has reared it’s ugly head plenty of times in our prep cycle. The biggest issue with the wallballs will come down to how strict you’ve been on yourself during your training. This movement is notorious for causing no-reps. The wallball is a measure of accuracy, applying just the right amount of force on an external object, miss your target and all your effort was in vein. Don’t squat deep enough to get the crease of your hip below your kneee? No-rep.  Don’t waste any effort on no-reps, focus on good reps and break this up into manageable sets.

The women will be shooting 1 foot higher than you are accustomed to (9ft). Do whatever it takes to get the ball to the target, even if it means a little hop or jump at the end.

Total Burpees Completed

# of Wallball WODs 7Reps
# of Wallballs Completed 611Reps

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The vast majority of athletes will find the end of the workout to be the Calorie Row. With that being said, all strategy aside, you need to go as hard as possible to climb that leaderboard.

Total Calories Completed

# of Calorie Row WODs 9Reps
# of Calories Rowed 1010Reps


The sad reality is, if you’ve never got a handstand pushup before, today might not be your day. Getting to this movement would be an accomplishment in and of itself. Practice the movement before the WOD begins and know your limitations.

The stronger athletes will get here with a few minute to spare. The standards on the handstand pushups are a bit tricky, make sure to take that extra second and flex your feet to allow the ankles to rise above the tape, don’t waste any reps.

Total Handstand Pushups Completed

# of HSPU WODs 3Reps
# of HSPU Reps 90Reps
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General Strategies


Your primary focus on this workout should be getting to the Handstand Pushups as fast as possible using the most manageable rep scheme that you feel confident with that won’t gas you too soon into the workout. Minimize your rest and move continuously.

Just. Keep. Moving.


Recommended Warmup

5-10 minute effort

Ski or Bike 20 Calories
3 Rounds
10 Cherry Pickers
10 Superman Back Extensions
10 Pushups
10 Air Squats
:30 second Hip stretch

Equipment Suggestions

Knee sleeves


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
Get your swag set aside for Sunday.
Hearty dinner and plenty of sleep.
Mental Game, don’t psych yourself out… it’s just another workout that you’ll crush.


Warm up proper, gear up as needed, just keep moving.

Good Luck!