Nicole M.

Coach Ant:
Don’t be fooled by his good looks and short shorts – Coach Ant doesn’t mess around!  From the first day I joined CrossFit in May of 2011 Anthony was, and continues to be, the most influential CrossFit coach I’ve trained with.  Ant has a unique way of capturing your attention, engaging you in his class, and ultimately helping you become a better athlete.  He has the ability to explain the fundamentals of each movement in simple terms and help inquiring athletes, like myself, understand the “why’s” and “how’s” of each movement so we can take our training to the next level. He has a highly informative, incredibly relaxed, and always motivating coaching style. He has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and physical therapy. He is always more than willing to share this information and help athletes figure out the best program to suit their needs.  He is the first person I contact when I have a question about how to conquer a particular goat I’ve been struggling with, when I question my own ability, or what workouts I can do after I’ve injured myself while walking and chewing gum.  Above all else, Ant is hilarious.  He keeps me laughing inside and outside of the box.  He’s extraordinarily passionate about CrossFit and truly cares about his athletes.  If you’re training with Ant, rest assured you are in good hands!

Coach Dom:
I’ve spent the better part of the last year sweating, laughing, and enduring intense workouts alongside Dominick.  What stands out most when I think of Dom is how incredibly supportive and encouraging he is.  He may be the first to finish the workout but he’ll be the last man standing around cheering on every other person in the gym.  Dom’s passion for fitness and nutrition are second-to-none.  He is always eager to learn and he wants to hear from his athletes.  He pays close attention to detail and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure his athletes are comfortable with the movements.  Dom pushes me to a whole new level when we train.  Simply put, he’ll make you want to step up your game!

 Tina C.

Today officially marks one month being a member of Crossfit Bell and what a ride it’s been so far! I’m loving every second and excited for what’s to come. HUGE shout out the best two coaches around Ant & Dom…Thanks for driving me to push myself harder everyday. You guys rock!

Justin B.

Ant… Dom… Just wanna thank you so much for all the hard work and help you have given me. I know im not easiest to deal with and I ask a million questions but the results I have gotten from Crossfitbell have been life changing. Also wanna Thank everyone who works out there.. greatest group of motivators.

Jeannie K.

I gotta say something…I’ve only known everyone for a few weeks now, and in that time I have never felt so much positive energy, support, sportsmanship, motivation, determination and honestly every positive word i can think of all packed into one place…From cheering each other on when we can’t think of doing another rep to helping one another to put weights away, every single one of you is truly amazing on the inside and out…everyone should be so proud of themselves…not even enough words can describe how in such a short period of time Crossfit Bell and everyone who makes me look forward to coming back every time has had an impact on my life…thank you so much for you all being you…keep up the incredible work…it’s a truly amazing feeling to know others believe in you and the things you can do when you don’t think you can or never even imagined doing before….Definitely blessed to be a part of this all, THANK YOU ♥

Kasey K.

Crossfit Bell is amazing! I am in the best shape of my life and love going in and working out with the other members. The owners’ Ant and Dom managed to build a family amongst the members. Work outs are never the same so you never get bored. Crossfit is for everyone regardless of your athletic background. Every movement is scalable and Dom and Ant work with everyone to make sure technique is correct. Finally, the hours are great! There are morning and night classes so you never have an excuse not to go. If you are serious about getting in shape and want to have a blast doing it, Crossfit Bell is the place for you.

Heather G.

Crossfit Bell has been by far the best and most intense workout experiences I’ve ever had! The coaches here are knowledgeable and experienced Crossfitters who absolutely love what they do. I can honestly say, I’ve never been more motivated to exercise regularly and achieve new fitness goals. At Crossfit Bell, Coach Ant & Dom are a constant force of encouragement and motivation. They will push you to your limit and work with you individually during class to get you to perform at your best. For me it’s easy to get intimidated by Crossfit workouts, but at Bell they really do tailor each workout to your ability level. And at the end of the class, I always feel like I’ve had a REAL workout. Coach Ant really does an awesome job at breaking down the components of each movement and reviewing them before a workout so that everyone is on the same page. This is so different from going to any other gym! I look forward to doing a different WOD each day because the workouts always incorporate something different whether you are on the row machine one day, front squatting another, or completing one of the insane “girl workouts,” such as “Eva.” There’s a strong sense of community, which I love, and there are always events to look forward to. I highly recommend Crossfit Bell for the beginner like me, or the experienced Crossfitter looking for a new box. Highly addictive!

Ryan D.

About Coach Ant:

Walking into my first day at Crossfit is something I will never forget. I was greeted by Anthony and welcomed to the gym. I came in very early so I could look around and get to know what I was getting myself into. Within seconds I watched Coach Ant doing barbell movements with weight heavier than I was and instantly I knew I had quite the adventure ahead. In the year that followed Coach Ant has molded me into a stronger, faster and healthier person. His ability to focus on each members workout and guide them through it with ease is unmatched. Coach Ant has a confidence in himself that is contagious and will help you find the push you need to finish any workout. The ability to push you to your potential isn’t just in his confidence but also in his ability to teach the fundamentals and details of each movement to all athletes from the top performers in the sport to the new comers like myself. More importantly beyond his ability to train athletes to their full potential, Coach Ant has become a friend and inspiration both inside and outside the box. If you’re looking for a coach who is dedicated to his athletes, focused on making you stronger, faster, healthier and ensuring you are safe while training look no further Coach Ant is the man for the job.

About Coach Dom:

When I walk into the box for a workout and see Dom I know instantly that I have to muster my confidence and step up my game, the goal is to perform like Dom. Dom is the kind of athlete and coach to aspire to be like. He gives 100% to himself in his workouts, to his athletes while coaching and to all the athletes he is training alongside. I’ve had the pleasure and challenge of competing against Dom in competition. As my competitor he cheered the loudest still hoping that I succeed. As a coach his support is even more magnified. His knowledge base of fitness and nutrition is vast, and he is eager to share it with anyone who is looking to learn. His passion for fitness and health is apparent as soon as you meet him. After just 1 workout you will see why the last year I’ve spent training alongside Dom has been some of most intense, hardest and fun workouts ever. You’ll walk out sweating, laughing, feeling confident and ready for the next one.