5th Annual Belle of the Boroughs

4th Annual Holiday Tardy Party at CrossFit Bell
2016 Ugly Sweater WOD + Gift Exchange

Fifth Annual Belle of the Boroughs
Event Details 


Sunday, December 11, 2016
Athlete Registration 8:30 am
WOD 1 begins at 9:00 am


CrossFit Bell
37-22 34th Street, Long Island City, New York




belle [bel] noun 1. a woman or girl admired for her beauty and charm  STRENGTH

Competition Overview:

This is the fifth annual Belle of the Boroughs competition. It is a women’s only team fitness competition geared towards the beginner to intermediate CrossFit athlete. The event will encompass 3 WOD’s testing the strength of our competitors.

This year will only have 1 division. Only the most fit and determined ladies can become the Belle of the Boroughs.

Beginner Intermediate Competition

Thinking about signing up? Our competition is meant to be inclusive, we ask that you meet the minimum standards before registering. The event is not intended to draw or expected to serve the elite athlete.


View More: http://haitran.pass.us/cfb

View More: http://haitran.pass.us/cfb

View More: http://haitran.pass.us/cfb


Listed below are the more challenging elements of our competition. Some of these may be used in the competition.


should have a minimum of the following for multiple repetitions:
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps 20″
Thrusters 60#


should have a minimum of the following:

Event Schedule:

Date: Sunday December, 11 2016
Start time: Athlete registration (8:30 AM)
WOD 1, Heat 1 begins at 9am


View More: http://haitran.pass.us/cfb


“Olympic Total”

In 12 Minutes
4 Minutes Warmup / 8 Minutes Work

Athlete A
Establish 1 Rep Max
Snatch (any style)

Athlete  B
Establish 1 Rep Max
Clean and Jerk (any style)

Score = Total Pounds of each athletes best lift

On 3,2,1 Go.

The athletes must notify the judge which athlete is snatching and which athlete is Clean and Jerking.
The athletes will have 4 minutes to warm up their lifts.
At the 4 minute mark the athletes will enter an 8 Minute time period where the their lifts will be judged based on the standards.


“Dumbbell Jackie”

10 Minute AMRAP
50 Calorie Row
50 Dumbbell Thrusters (30#’s x2)
30 Pullups

On 3,2,1 Go.
Both athletes start with 1 hand on the flywheel of the rower.
1 athlete will immediately move to the rower and begin working.
The work can be split however the team decides (does not need to be evenly split)
Anytime the athletes want to switch they must visibly tag their partner.
Atleast 1 partner must remain with 1 hand on the flywheel at all times.


“Wheezing and Squeezing”

12 Minutes to Complete:
Partner A
21 Burpee Box Jumps, 18 toes to bar, 15 Deadlifts 135#
Partner B
18 Burpee Box Jumps, 15 Toes to Bar, 12 Deadlifts 155#
Partner A
15 Burpee Box Jumps, 12 Toes to Bar, 9 Deadlifts 185#
Partner B
12 Burpee Box Jumps, 9 Toes to bar, 6 Deadlifts 205#
Partner A
9 Burpee Box Jumps, 6 Toes to bar, 3 Deadlifts 225#
Partner B
6 Burpee Box Jumps, 3 Toes to Bar, 1 Deadlift 245#

In the remaining time:
Partner A & B
AMRAP Deadlift 245#

On 3,2,1 GO.

Partner A will begin the triplet 21/18/15
Upon completing the deadlifts Athlete A will tag Athlete B.
Athlete A can then build the deadlift bar up to the next designated weight in preparation for Athlete B.




For the snatch, the athlete must bring the bar from the ground to the overhead position in one smooth motion. At the top, the arms, hips and knees must be fully locked out with the bar directly over the middle of the athlete’s body and the feet in line under the body. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the ground during the execution of the lift. A muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch or split snatch may be used. This is NOT a ground-to-overhead any way. A clean and jerk, where the bar is lifted to the shoulders and then lifted overhead, is a no rep.

Clean and Jerk

During the clean, the barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted from the ground to the shoulders in one motion. During the jerk, the barbell must be lifted from the front rack position to overhead. The rep is counted when the barbell is fully locked out overhead directly over the middle of the athlete’s body, with the arms, hips, and knees extended, and the feet in line under the body. No part of the body other than the feet may touch the ground during the execution of the lift.

A muscle clean, power clean, split clean, or squat clean may be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the rack position on the shoulders. Once racked, a press, push press, split jerk, or push jerk may be used to lock the barbell out overhead. The barbell must pass through the front-rack position before going overhead; snatching is not permitted.




This is a standard chin-over-bar pull-up. Dead hang, kipping or butterfly pull-ups are allowed as long as all the requirements are met. The arms must be fully extended at the bottom with the feet off the ground. At the top the chin must break the horizontal plane of the bar.


The monitor must be set to zero at the beginning of each row. The athlete or the judge may reset the monitor. The athlete must stay seated with their hands on the handle until the monitor reads 50 calories.


Every repetition of the thruster must have the athlete pass below parallel where the hip crease is clearly below the top of the knee and finish with the athlete fully locked out overhead with the arms, hips and legs extended and the dumbbells over the center of the athlete’s body.



Burpee Box Jump

Athlete must complete a Burpee, where the chest and thighs touch the ground before moving on to the box jump. Every rep must begin with both feet on the floor. The rep finishes with the athlete standing with the hips and knees fully extended while in control on top of the box. Rx’d athletes must use a two-foot takeoff and a two-foot landing.


The deadlift begins with the barbell on the ground and finishes when the athletes stand up the weight to full extension of the knees and hips, with their shoulders behind the bar at the top of the movement.

The athletes may choose any grip they like, but their feet must be inside their hands. No sumo stances are permitted. Once the athletes have achieved lockout, they may drop the barbell from the top. Any repetition that is bounced will not count.


Every repetition of the toes-to-bar starts with the athlete hanging at full extension and the heels behind the vertical plane that the pull-up bar creates. The repetition is counted when both feet touch the pull-up bar at the same time between the hands. As long as the feet make contact inside the hands, any grip is permitted. The athlete may make contact with any portion of the foot.

View More: http://haitran.pass.us/cfb